Tradition 7

Our 7th Tradition states that “.. we are fully self-supporting through our own contributions”

Any district, group or member of Cocaine Anonymous can make a donation directly to the CAUK account, this can be a one-off payment or if you want to make a regular donation you can set up a standing order. Please make sure you reference it clearly if you are submitting it on behalf of a district or group.

7th Tradition donations made to CAUK helps the ASC with on-going costs including insurance, the helpline and storage costs for literature and the archives. Through these donations we are able to continue carrying the message to the still suffering addict and alcoholic, through a range of activities including Public Information campaigns, Hospitals, Institutions and Prison work such as maintaining the publication of write lines and the PO box for prison sponsorship. We are also able to support Unity events and Service workshops as well as Conventions through seed funds. Any donations we receive which take us above our prudent reserve are then passed down through the service structure to CAWS.

We also continue to support our trusted servants to carry the group conscience of the Area, which is informed by the districts and the groups, ever keeping in our at the forefront of our mind the primary purpose of the fellowship.

Account name – CA England and Wales
Sort Code – 53-81-51
Account No – 88349462

Please reference clearly if you are submitting from a district or group.