Welcome to the CAUK IT Committee page.

The purpose of the CAUK IT Committee is to provide a public face for CA on the web by managing the CAUK website within the 12 traditions as well as the relevant CA guidelines.

Duties and responsibilities:
a) Keeps the website (s) up to date in a timely manner.
b) Manages incoming email forwarding anything that comes in for other parties and committees.
c) Provides technical support regarding email addresses.
d) Supports the literature committee in managing the online ordering system.
e) Supports the PI committee in managing online meeting information.
f) Supports groups and districts in managing the online events page.
g) Supports all Area trusted servants and sub-committees in presenting their information on the website.
h) Cooperates with other areas and world IT committees
i) Supports CAUK sub-committees in projects that involve IT if they ask and need our support

You may be thinking that you can not serve on the IT committee without a great deal of skill. Really you only need the most basic computer skills and the committee will work with you, and support you to grow in skill and ability.

There are a number of service posts on the IT committee that do not require anything more than wordprocessing skills, or do not need any IT skills at all, so do not let the name put you off being of service.

The committee meets on the third Friday of every month, you can contact us here or see the service page here.

You can find the WSC IT guidelines here.

CAUK IT committee