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The early years from 1992- 1999.

Gathering the true history as to how CAUK began and evolved has not been an easy task, some members have moved on from CA, some have passed on and some have vague or differing memories of our beginnings therefore I will state a disclaimer now that some of the information written in this early timeline may need correcting and updating as the years move forwards.

I would like to give many thanks for the early year’s timeline to; Steve S, Philip L, Nick T, Nick L, Kevin R, Dave Co from the UK and Sean D from the USA for helping to unravel the approximate timeline of our early days over 30 years ago.

The birth of CAUK was Wednesday January 8th, 1992, when the first CA meeting was held at Hind Street London W1, it began as cocaine addicts had been attending AA meetings at this venue, the venue in Hind Street is still used today for meetings of several 12 step fellowships. The first Starter pack was for CAUK was put together by Sean D as Clerk at WSO on 9/01/92 so we assume the first meeting was conducted with just an AA Big Book, the 2 members who helped start this first meeting were Alan F and Lisa C from the USA, as of yet I have been unable to make contact with either but hope springs eternal.

The meeting grew in numbers slowly for the first few months and another CA meeting began in Flood Street, Chelsea on a Saturday evening then followed another meeting on a Wednesday evening at Worlds end and then in Ladbrook grove (North London) CAUK began to grow slowly with further meetings in Bow, Hackney and Crystal palace, our first H&I meeting was in Chelmsford Essex Priory hospital.  in 1994, Johnny S (CA founder) visited the UK and held a workshop on the birth of CA in LA back in 1983, word spread on the 12-step message of Cocaine Anonymous and by 1995/6 many meetings had begun in greater London and subsequently outside of London, Bristol being the first followed by Bournemouth and then Brighton. Our first Delegate for CAUK in 1995/96 was Steve S (SC District) followed by Jackie S from London and later Cambridge (RIP)

Around this time CA in the UK began to hold 3 day conventions, the first being in Brighton at the Hilton Metropole, our friends from across the water in the USA began to fly over to carry the CA message throughout these early years, there were many and from my memory thanks go to Mike D, Ken C, Ralph W, Chris R, Earl H, Mark H (RIP) and Leon S (RIP) By 1999 a 3 day convention was held at the Brighton metropole Hotel attended by over 600 people and CA began to grow expansively across the UK.

From a structural perspective CAUK became an Incorporated Company on 27/09/2009 and registered with the Charity commission around the same time. The original name used was “The general service bureau of Cocaine anonymous” later changed to Cocaine anonymous England & Wales. See uploaded documents.


Sally M