COVID-19 Reopening FAQ

UK Government Guidance Links:
Guidance for non-medial support groups
Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities
General FAQ

  • Can my home group open?
    CAUK cannot make that decision for you. It would have to be decided at group conscience. It would be suggested that you would need to speak to your venue, review there risk assessment be satisfied that it follows government guidance. You would then need to complete your own risk assessment, it would be suggested this would be a written document.
  • How many people can attend a meeting?
    PHE guidance states for mutual aid groups is listed here
  • My meeting is in a lockdown area, how does this affect it?
    You need to review the lock-down guidance for your local area in group conscience and consider whether you can safely meet the requirements.
  • If we open a meeting is the insurance valid?
    The insurance company has stated that if you follow the response to “Can my home group open?”, you will be covered.
  • Does my home group have to collect details for test and trace?
    How this is managed will be decided in group conscience.
    UK Government guidance can be found here.